Indonesia : 100 Poor Children Enliven First Anniversary “Free Tutoring Ruman Aceh”


Banda Aceh – In order to celebrate the first anniversary of the free tutoring provided by Rumoh Read Aneuk Nanggroe (Ruman) for Aceh orphans and poor children, Ruman Aceh held a general medical checkup and distribution of nutritious food. This activity is carried out in cooperation with Rumah Zakat Indonesia (RZI) Aceh Branch.

Located at the base camp of Ruman Aceh in Punge Blangcut village, Jaya Baru sub-district, Banda Aceh, 100 kids attend for enliven this social activities and charity since 8 am until 11 noon.

In his speech, the Head of Ruman Aceh, Ahmad Arif explained that Ruman Aceh has two divisions; libraries division that have been opened since the beginning of 2007 ago and children division which starting free tutoring activities on 8 April 2013.

“All Ruman’s activities, a library, free tutoring and other colossal events are free of charge for orphans and the children of the poor families in the village”, said Ahmad Arif who had studied at Sharia Faculty of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta ten years ago.

Before general checkup, there is health education about healthy lifestyles such as maintaining physical health of all members to toe. Also practiced how to brush your teeth and wash hands properly.

After health education, each of children was called for height and weight checked, followed by oral examination, count and ears. While waiting their turn, the children were given the game according to the class; compile pictures for preschool age; drawing and coloring for grade 1 of elementary school age. And, making photograph frames from cardboard for children grade 2-6 of elementary school age.

After general checkup, RZI distribute small box milk and bread to each child. While, Ruman Aceh is distribute nutritious food consisting of nuggets, meatballs and sausage healthy. Besides, Ruman Aceh also shared a gift of first anniversary free tutoring which consisting of balls and colorful balloons.

“We are very grateful to all those who have and still continue to help us to take the leap small and simple devotion”, said Ahmad Arif when closing activities with happiness as perceived also by the children who carry the full prize in their grasp.

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