Interview With Ahmed Masahiro Kojima Secretary General of Kumamoto Muslim Association


Couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with a senior Japanese Muslim brother, Mr. Ahmed Masahiro Kojima, Secretary General of Kumamoto Muslim Association, a local chapter of the Japan Muslim Association.  I was impressed with the sincerity and the purity of his heart. He is an amazing person.  By listening to his story of becoming  a Muslim, I was surprised to know  that he did not meet with any Muslim before embracing Islam.  Following is an abbreviated transcript of what we had discussed during the meeting.

Q: How did you develop interest about Islam in the first place?

Ans: I read a book on Sufiism when I was a senior high school student long time ago.  I liked the concept of the religion of Islam at that time, however, forgot it after a while. As I like reading books on various topics, another book which I happened to read several years ago was on the same topic of Sufisim written by a Turkish author.  In the book, he discussed the concept of Allah and Islam in general.

About five years ago, while on my way to work, I started feeling terrible physically and almost lost my consciousness. When I came back into my senses  the very first word which came to my mind was ‘Allah o Akbar’ This was the word I had memorised while reading the second book on Sufiism few years back.  That incident changed my life forever and for the better. I thought about Allah Who had given me life again when I had almost given up.  Those days I contacted some Muslims in Tokyo and was invited by Otsuka Masjid where I took my Shahadah, Alhamdulillah.

Q: Would you like to give a message to born-Muslims living in Japan about doing D’awah work?

Ans: Understand the Japanese language and the culture and abide by the Japanese law in its true spirit.  If you do that, Inshallah you will get great response from non-Muslim Japanese people.

Q: What are the major challenges the Muslim community is facing in Japan?

Ans: We have a few books now translated into Japanese language which are targeted for the Japanese who have already embraced Islam and would like to know the basics of the Deen. However, we do not have any material available in Japanese which is suitable for not-yet-Muslims in the country.  We need to do work on that front for us to convey the beautiful message of Islam.


Source : Japanesemuslims


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