Who is the first Japanese Muslim ?


The first Japanese embraced Islam in1891 at the hand of the first English Muslim “`Abdul-Hamid Afandy” was “Oshotara Noda,” the reporter of Pegi Shimpon newspaper published in Tokyo. He was a young man between twenty-four and twenty-five of age.

Newspapers wrote that the Japanese Node embraced Islam, was circumcised, and was called `Abdul-Hamid. During the investigation that we made, we knew that `Abdul-Halim Afandy embraced Islam as a result of a debate with the chairman of Muslims in Liverpool, `Abdullah Quilliam Afandy. When `Abdullah Quilliam Afandy was in Istanbul, he spoke with `Abdul-Halim Afandy about the harmony of Islam to reason and logic and he was speaking English, mentioned the logical proofs, and `Abdul-Halim found them acceptable, so he embraced Islam and Allah guided him to the Straight Path.

This news was taken from “Turjuman Al Haqiqah” newspaper, 2nd of June, 1891. He was guided to Islam on Friday 29th of March, in the military school in Istanbul.


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